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Régionale Longue Distance du May 19, 2019 à Le Causse comtal (Rodez) (12)

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Course Classes Number of runners
Course Violet Long H20, H21, H35 15
Course Violet Moyen D20, D21, D35, H18, H40, H45 22
Course Violet Court D18, D40, D45, H50, H55, H60, H65 27
Course Violet Court bis D50, D55, D60, D65, D70, D75, D80, H70, H75, H80 10
Course Orange D16, H16 11
Course Jaune Long 2
Course Jaune D14, H14 12
Course Bleu D12, H12 7
Course Vert D10, H10 16
Course Jalonné 8